Sony Alpha A5000: A Perfect Gift for my Birthday as a Blogger

Sony Philippines Alpha A5000
It's been 2 years since I listed a camera on my wishlists together with a laptop and a brand new high-end smartphone to start a blogging journey, and yet I still don't have a good camera and it sucks! My creativity is in a limit.

Now, I'm trying to push my luck to win one of this kind of astounding mirrorless camera from YugaTech and Sony Philippines. And of course, tomorrow is my birthday and I am hopeful, wish me luck!

So here are the top reasons why I want this kind of mirrorless camera to be part of my blogging career, and soon planning to start in vlogging industry as well; when I have the chance to got this one! And who knows, maybe this camera is also perfect for you as a companion to document your own stories!

So here it is!

Travelling is one of my dream and everyone's dream. I want to start to travel when I have a camera. Why? It's because I wanted to make a documentary vlog of every place where I was. With the size of 109.6 x 62.8 x 35.7 mm and weight of 210g (Body Only) / 269g (with battery and media), you can bring it anywhere and hassle-free, unlike those large and bulky DSLR Camera. Lightweight is now an issue when traveling these days, you know?

Flaunt your best photos on Instagram! Because of its WiFi connectivity feature which is trending on these days, one-touch sharing functions become available! It lets you transfer pictures and videos from the camera to other devices. Just a snap, right!? Share it to your smartphone, add some cool filters and upload it on your social media accounts! Easy as 1-2-3!

I just to want to say, "Don't need a photographer! I can do it all alone!". Yes, because of its feature, the one-touch remote. I can now set up my camera mounting on a tripod and start to use my smartphone or tablet as a viewfinder and remote control using the PlayMemories Mobile app. Simple as that!

More awesome self-portraits and I can now film myself while holding it using one-hand comfortably. It's now possible with the help of the 3.0" wide type Tiltable LCD. You can flip the screen in a 180° position to see the real-time image display. I swear you don't want to see your photos and videos out of focus on yourself and tired of getting a trial-and-error shot flipping your hands.

Sony Alpha A5000 is really a good camera and worth to invest with, most especially those beginners (like me) and planning to start on blogging and vlogging. There's a lot of features built and pack onto this camera so I am encouraging you to visit Sony Centers to see it for yourself, the Sony Alpha A5000.

I guess this is a perfect camera to bring and that fits with me. Wishing this one on my birthday from Yugatech and Sony Philippines!


  1. Wow nice gift! I'm also using Sony mirrorless and it takes great picture and has best features.