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Windshield Sun Shade and Car Covers

car sun shade and covers

Outdoor car storage covers helps you to protect your car from the unpleasant weather and also from the dirt, dust and different type of other elements in the atmosphere whereas these windshield shade covers helps you to protect the interior of your car by the UV-Rays from entering the car and also enhances the beauty of your car.

1. 2013+ Freightliner Cascadia Custom Fit Front Windshield UV Sun Shade UV11317SV

This is the type of a windshield cover that is designed to perfectly fit your car. It has a good material that is made up of triple laminate construction. It canter is made of foam that helps as an insulator for the car. It is totally the top-rated windshield cover that helps to reflect the damaging UV-Rays. It gives just 1 year of warranty with its material.

2. BDK Deluxe Folding Windshield Sun Shade

This custom car sunshade cover helps to keep the interior of your cool. It helps in providing the maximum protection against the harmful UV-Rays that comes from the sun. IT features a double-bubble design that deflects back the more summer heat from your car interior and prevents of carking and damaging of the interior of the car. It is available in all standard sizes. It fits up to 58” (w) x 25” (h)  and has the folding capacity up to 25” x 6.5”. This cover is the quickest of providing protection to the interior of your car.

3. Carhartt UV Custom Windshield Sun Shade

This cover has also a custom pattern with perfecting fitting to the car. It is made up of triple laminate construction that helps in best protection to your car. Its material has engraved an ionic Carhartt logo on it. It reflects away the damaging UV-Rays from your car and protects the interior of the car. It gives one year of warranty for its material. It is very much durable and can be used on daily basis.

4. Covercraft Car & Truck Folding Windshield Sun Shield

This helps in dropping the inner temperature of the car up to 40 degrees. It has a triple-layered construction material that helps in deflecting back the UV-Rays away from the interior of your car. It is the only cover that is available in 6 other color options other than black. It gives its customer approx one to one and a half year of warranty.

5. Covercraft Custom Car Windshield Sun Shades with Ford Logo

It is also a cover with a triple laminated construction to protect your car. It is very much soft with foam material in its center that acts as an insulator for the car. It is available in only one color that is silver with a Ford logo on it. It is custom fit and gives you 4 years of warranty.

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