COMELEC's Database Breach leaked, but we can make a change

comelec website defaced by hackers
Recently in the Philippine News Media are reported hacks and deface on COMELEC (Commission on Elections) Website.

Now has been come up and now became viral on social media! The website publicly provides the information of the voter's personal data including birth date, civil status, birthplace, address, and also precinct number just by entering the first name, last name, and maternal name. Voter's data are now searchable on the internet, sounds alarming right?

And look, there's also a download link of COMELEC's election data breach and dzMM website's database breach in, formerly known as who got suspended because of the complaint prior to the issue of COMELEC's biometrics data leaked after hack.

Of course, we don't want our personal data to be used by others or any means. You know, we can make a change by reporting the using this Cloudflare's Abuse Form.

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