About Me

The Geeky Promdi..
The Geeky Promdi is a Philippine blog publishing tech, travel, food, lifestyle, events, and other worth-sharing stories of the author, Ericson Felipe (Erik), a simple promdi with a simple dream.

Relaunched in March 28, 2016.

The Author..
Ericson Felipe was born on March 28, 1992 (24 years old), in Llanera, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.
Currently living a simple life, hassle-free, no stress, and busy hours; in Province ("Promdi", person who grew up in the province).

I studied for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering before, but I decided to drop out.

Back in 2005, when Erik started his Internet World ventures, he started to use mobile phones with GPRS to connect to the internet and surf along the web.

In the same year, he started the fun and communication Filipino Techies (nationwide) in "airG chat", a free chat service powered by AirG and Globe Telecom. He also joined the conversation of ideas and thoughts in forums like Globe Telecoms' GameZone Forum and their most popular free-to-access blog service, the G-Blogs, back in 2006.

That's why he became more interested in Information Technology. He loves to eat different kinds of food. He wants to travel and try amazing adventures. He also likes to discuss current events and trends.

He is considered a "kinda" mobile expert because of his knowledge and skill in expanding the use of mobile phones. Did you know he's managing his website using his Android smartphone? ☺

The road that leads here..
I started from scratch in the year 2014! Using an Android smartphone with only 512 RAM is not a hindrance to publishing my own blog site. I used to edit pictures, my blog's template, and type text posts in it.

Because of my diligence and hard work, I've earned and invested in buying a laptop and a high-end smartphone that can help me do more things quickly and easily in blogging in the year 2016.

All bloggers know how hard it is to manage and maintain a website or blog site. Consider the money, time, and skills we invest in supporting our blog, plus the hard work and dedication we put into this project and to help other people.

I started to plan this blog in the year of September 2015 and launched it on October 26, 2015. ☺