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Prevent hackers from accessing your accounts

comelec database breach leaked - wehaveyourdata
Yesterday's trending topic is all about the COMELEC's voters database breach leaked was a bad nightmare for all Filipino voters. All the information taken from the citizen using biometrics registration has been uploaded by hackers in wehaveyourdata's website and now been searchable along with the internet and exposed to the public around the world.

Filipino voter's who have information on the said website are now prone to hackers and different cyberattacks prior to the COMELEC's database breach leaked issue.

So, I decided to compile all the possible attacks you are vulnerable and how to prevent it.

  1. Identity Theft or Social Engineering Attacks

  2. Info: Attackers impersonating as you to gain access to your accounts. Normally, attackers are using wireless communication like chat support, voice calls or via email.

    How to prevent: Contact your service provider and make arrangements for your accounts, ask them to call your provided telephone/mobile number before they approve transactions from suspicious user activity. You can also demand to add verification process if needed.

  3. Password Attack

  4. Info: A third party is trying to gain access into your accounts by cracking the user's password.

    How to prevent: Your birthday is a terrible password idea, along with your address. So change it and don't use it!

  5. Account Security Question

  6. Info: This might be used as extra security to your bank accounts, verify the user's identity as a legitimate owner, and might be used in retrieving lost or forgotten password.

    How to prevent: Since your address, birthplace and mother's maiden name are shown on the said website, never ever use it now. I warn you! You may add some tweaks to your security question's answer by putting extra characters or numbers.

    Here are the contact details you want to ask for help in the event of the attack:

    1. National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Office of Cybercrime
    2. Address: Cybercrime Division, Taft Avenue, Manila
      Tel: (02)523-8231 to 38 local 3454, 3455
      Email: ccd@nbi.gov.ph

    3. Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG)
    4. via SMS: PNP (space) (message) and send to 2920
      Tel: (02)726-1575 for Criminal Investigation & Detection Group For Cyber Crime / Computer Related Crimes
      Email: info@acg.pnp.gov.ph


  1. This is very helpful! Hackers are so rampant this days. Thank you so much for posting this 😊

  2. Oh, being a victim of hackers is something I would never want to happen. Great tips! Thanks for sharing this preventive measures.

    MicaThere's More to Mica

  3. This is a great share! Hackers are hidden menace these days.

  4. Wow, thanks for sharing the authorities to call in case such matters arises. Nice tips.

  5. One great danger is phishing where you get redirected to a login page very similar to a website, ex. Facebook. Once you enter your login details thinking it's really Facebook, your login details are sent to the hacker.

    1. So, it is better to check the url of the website before entering your details.

  6. Thank you for the helpful tips. But I think hackers have more strategies than just guessing our password right?

    1. Yes. The most popular is Phishing websites. Where you are redirected to a fake login page of popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

  7. I'll bookmark this for future reference. Thank you! (raftermanguiat.com)

  8. Wow! Great read. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Thanks for sharing this. It is very helpful specially with our environment now a days

  10. So helpful! Been changing all my passwords lately, just to be safe. I'm always worried that I'll forget my passwords though hehehe.

  11. When my Paypal was hacked before and my money were transferred to a different paypal account, I was alarmed. I did all the necessary precautions and yet, I was hacked. Good thing, I was quick enough to change password and all and realized I need to always change it every now and then.

  12. one of my personal accounts got hacked before and I still remember how stressing and how panicking that moment was.. I don't know what to do and where to start since I am not that techy.. thanks God, my friend helped me retrieving my account! I guess the best lesson I have learned is to be cautious on what you click on the web...think before you click indeed

  13. Nice tips to prevent getting hacked. Even before the COMELEC fiasco, hacking is fairly normal nowadays. I receive emails fishing for my personal information quite a lot, good thing I can discern the fake ones from the legit ones. Tsk tsk.

  14. Such a helpful post! In a world where social security has a really big threat, information like this is really a must-know. We should all be knowledgeable since we are one of those that are really active in the internet world hence, we are also one of the possible prey.