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Buy Apps and Games in Google Play Store using your Network Provider

Buy Apps and Games in Google Play Store using your Network Provider
No credit card or debit card to buy paid applications, games, movies, books, song and other cool stuff in Google Play Store?

Because of having a difficult time applying for credit card/debit card, a requirement to paid premium Android apps in Google Playstore. Many Filipinos, im one of them, though have to stick with free apps to use.

Globe Telecom and Smart Communications Inc. already announced their latest innovation together with Google Playstore.

Globe Telecom Billing Method in Google Play Store

Here's a new and cool innovation from Globe, wherein you can use your load and postpaid account to buy stuffs and make in-app purchases items in Google Playstore. No need to apply for a debit card or credit card. Simple, easy, realible, fast and more convenient. The transaction will be charge the cost direct your load (for Prepaid subscibers) and Postpaid Bill (for Postpaid subscribers) using your Globe or TM SIM card/account.

Here are the 5 Easy Steps on how to register/connect your Globe or TM number on your Google account in order to use the service.

Step 1: First time only. Choose one paid app or items in app/game you wish to purchase. (Like gems in the addictive game Clash of Clans or Key in your Farmville).

Step 2: Accept the app permissions.

Step 3: Payment options menu will popup.

Step 4: Select your network provider payment method, it can be "Enable Globe Telecom Billing" or "Enable Smart Communication Billing".

Step 5: After you agree to the Terms of Service. Register your phone number, name and address then the payment will be processed successfully.

A text message will notify you after a successful purchase:
"Thanks for your purchase in Google Play. Refund after the 2-hour free trial period will be processed within 7 days. No refund fir in-app purchases." -2147
For succeeding purchases, you just need to enter your Google ID and password to continue processing the payment.

Note from Globe Telecom: Mobile data connection or WiFi is needed to complete purchases. Upon successful purchase, an email notification from Google will be sent to your registered email.

Purchases made via Globe load or postpaid bill are charged in Philippine peso and are subject to 12% additional VAT over and above the display price on the Google Play App Store.

To know more about this latest service visit www.globe.com.ph, call 730-1010 (landline), 211 (Globe Prepaid subscribers), 808 (TM Subscribers) or visit any Globe store nearest you! :)

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