Different Modus Operandi in Cyber World

Different Modus Operandi in Cyber World
Contrary to what we know, walking on a street or in a dark alley alone, or going to a crowded place are the most dangerous places and happenings we encounter in our everyday life. Well, take a look at these modes of operations that are commonly used by attackers in the Cyber World and see it for yourself.

PNP Cyber Crime group compiles all the modus operandi committed in Cyber World and we listed it below:

The Online Libel

This is common most especially in Social Media. This is committed through text messages, emails, posts on social media, blogs, websites or in a piece of online news. Suspect tend to publish false statement posts, damaging the person's reputation or to defame.
According to Revised Penal Code of the Philippines (Article 355), the elements of libel are imputation/accusation of a discreditable act or condition to another, a publication of the imputation, the identity of the person defamed and existence of malice.

The Online Threat

This is also committed through text messages, emails, posts in social media accounts or in chat. The person is sending harsh and threatening words to the victim. Sometimes, the sender uses fake emails, social media accounts, and new SIM numbers to hide their identity.

The Online Scam

This is a never gets old scenario. The suspect or we should say "Scammer" is selling or trading an item that looks genuine at a very low price and is always asking money to the victim. Then, promises to ship the product as soon as they received the money/payment using their provided bank accounts. The victim also gives discounts until the victim concedes. Another modus of Scammers is they will send a text message to the victim (by random number), saying you won a cash price in a promo or telling they are your relatives that they need a load for emergencies.

Hacking and Identity Theft,

People who tend to access your Social Media accounts or emails without any consent or rights are hackers. In case you missed my post about different attacks by Hackers and on how to prevent them from accessing your accounts, read it here.

The Sextortion

This usually a form of sexual exploitation that employs a non-physical form of coercion to extort sexual favors from the victim. Players always create fake accounts often representing as a young female. Most victims are being approached in chat rooms, dating websites and social networking websites by initiating text communications in an attempt to befriend them. Players always perform recorded sexual acts or in actual on webcam and encourage the victim to do the same. Then the player secretly records the sessions to threat victim and ask for money in exchange for not posting the sexual images and videos of the victim.

Anti-Photo/Video Voyeurism

Any person who possesses nude photos or videos of another person without consent. Most cases or often, the suspect and victim may had previous relationship. The suspect threatens to post the images or videos in social media accounts or porn sites to blackmail the victim, to ask a favor or consideration in exchange of not posting it.

Incase you encounter any of these modus operandi, you may contact the Philippines National Police Cyber Crime Group using these details provided below:
  1. Hotline number: (02) 414-1560 / 723-0401 local 5313
  2. Fax: (02) 414-2199
  3. Mobile number: 0998-568-9082
  4. Twitter: @PNPACG
  5. E-mail: pnp.anticybercrimegroup@gmail.com
  6. Website: pnpacg.ph

Source: Philippine National Police Facebook Page.


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    Blogwalking here! Just making a short post on your cool and awesome blog. :)

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  2. I find that the cyber world is sometimes even more dangerous than real life. Some online bullies are emboldened by the anonymity provided by the web so they tend to be more aggressive/predatory than they usually are. Someone close to me just got victimized recently, so this hits close to home. We all need to be extra careful nowadays- thanks for the informative post. :)

  3. I have seen a lot of unbelievable online business offers. I get emails about them too. I just delete them right away to avoid a potential computer virus.

  4. Because social media is so big these days the effects of the online bullying for example can lead to devastating actions in real life. It's important for us to identify these behaviors and report them and it's great that police is doing something about it. I am talking about cyber-bullying specifically because there have been so many cases of children killing themselves because of what their school colleagues posted online about them. It's very sad really...

  5. This reminds me of a friend who owns a party organizing business. More than 100,000 likes on her Facebook page and it got hacked! Worse, the scammer is collecting money from unsuspecting clients. :( What's sad about Facebook is that they're not even trying to help. You reach out to them, and you get an automated response.

  6. Great info and thanks for including hotlines to your post. With everyone on the internet, from young kids to even old people, cybercrime has gone up so much, and so many "modus operandi" have been popping up. As scary as it is, it's up to us to make sure we guard ourselves from the monsters lurking in cyberspace. Thanks.

  7. It's great that you put this up for people who don't know the cyber crimes to be committed against them. It's also important to report those who commit this if possible than just plainly ignoring it. Some people end their lives because they couldn't take the negativity. It's also important to be aware of the current law on these crimes.

    - Me-An Clemente of http://yogoandcream.com

  8. This is a sad reality. We really need to be careful these days. Otherwise, we could become victims to these cyber crimes. With so many important and noble things to do in this life, I wonder why some people engage in these kinds of things.

  9. This post is very helpful. With the forces of modernization comes technology. And with technology comes high risk crimes and chaos connected to social media and the like. Glad that you were able to pool all these informations altogether. A lot of people are not yet familiar with these and are doing it unintentionally. Its time they should be educated and warned esp. the business scammers! There's a lot out there!

  10. Internet is basically a whole new world. Or just the other face of our world, the mirror of our society without really a hand on it. Nobody is in charge and there's no police patrolling. And in fact, if you're not hacking huge security things or if you're not inside watched networks, but if you are a victim of one of the things you mentioned, you will have to go the police in the real life. Which is a little bit paradoxical. There's game masters in video game, online cops that you go talk to if anything goes wrong. But who's gonna take control of internet? It's a really difficult topic. It also changes so much and so fast that people must be educated to what can happen on internet. And it's difficult for elders or the ones who doesn't show interest in connected things. Because in the end, we always give more and more data. But I think we all must agree that soon enough, there will be no private life anymore

  11. OMG, this was an interesting read. The internet/ cyberwold nowadays can be a scary place. AAAahhh all these things to make our lives easier are the things that can make it more dangerous too. I guess, I agree, eventually privacy is none existent.

  12. In addition to your tips at the end of your article, victims can submit complaints online via this link:


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