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android programming app and tools for programmers
Since smartphones are the latest trend nowadays and Android is the most popular operating system on mobile smartphones, because of its open-source technology, I will be sharing the Top Developer's Android Applications for Programmers and Geek like you. You don't need to bring your heavy laptops or seating in front of your Desktop Computers.

Actually, I installed these applications, and I'm using these apps for fun and making cool kinds of stuff like running simple programs and making my own android applications and games.

Let's start and start the fun coding of our apps projects.

C/C++ Language

For C++/C Programmers out there, this CPPdroid App is right for you! You need about 190 MB internal storage to install this app, it includes tutorials and examples that you'll need to run your own program, especially for the beginners and willing to learn more about C Programming. Because of Android Security, it can't be moved to SD Card.

1.Configurable code syntax highlighting Themes (Landscape and Portrait UI)
2.Code completion with real-time diagnostics including error checking, warnings, and fixes.
3.Works offline, like coding, running and compiling C or C++ codes.
4.File Samples and tutorials including the basics, methods, variables, etc.
5.Has a built-in compiler and keyboard (I think the keyboard needs more improvement and add more spaces between characters or symbol)
6.Addons Manager (Libraries), auto-updates and Dropbox support.

Click here to read more about this app and download it now.

Java and Android App/Games Developing

For Java Developers and for those who want to discover about Android Programming, I recommend AIDE (Android IDE, Java and C++). You can create now real Android Application, Games and Android Wear Apps using your fingertips. You can also copy your source code, the one you've created using Eclipse/Android Studio and start editing. The good thing in this app is that the developer never fails to put new features in every update.

1.Interactive coding lessons. where you can follow step by step instructions. So, you can apply the things you have learned in the tutorial section into your own projects.
2.Good visual design checks the errors real-time, write code with a rich editor (code completion), run/install your app project direct to your device, etc.
3.Can build Java, XML, Android SDK and Android NDK (with C/C++).
4.Keep your source codes on your DropBox or copy codes from Eclipse (PC/Laptop) to your AIDE app and start editing.

For more information click here and to download it now.

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