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Web Developing Applications and Tools for Android

android web developing application and tools
I've introduce a while ago the top and best Developing applications for Programmers. And now for web developers, IT students, and for those who want to know how web page created, this is right for you.

I know how amazing it is to build and design your own website! From putting the html codes, playful javascripts, cool css layout, php and mySQL works together. Cool stuffs, right?

Now you can do Web Developing on the go! Yes, you heard it right! You can develop your own website, customize css layouts, play with JavaScript language anytime and anywhere, using your android devices, it can be a smartphone or a tablet!

Web Developing App

This integrated development environment (ide) app called Android Web Developer (AWD) is good and effective! You can now create your own PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and others you need to build in your website, you can edit also your existing files here. It really turns your Android device into a real web developing box.

This application supports php, html, js, css, json and next languange.Through ftp, fpts, sftp you can manage your work with remote projects, also your files and folders.

1.Integration with web server and git
2.Code completion and highlighting
3.Auto-detect files encoding and error checking
4.Tablet UI ready and full screen mode
5.Rename, copy, paste, delete and create files in project
6.Recent project and autosaving periodically
7.Fast navigation and line numbering
8.Unlimited Undo and Redo
9.Dropbox and Google Drive sync

Click here for more information about this application and to download it now!

PHP and MySQL Tools

If you want to test and run your PHP scripts, i suggest you to use AndroPHP tools. You can now self-host your website and setup your own web server with mySQL and PHP (based on Lighttpd and Apache) using this android mobile application.

1.Web Server - lighttpd
2.PHP – 5.4.8
3.MySQL – 5.1 (Database)

Default Settings:
1.WWW path: sdcard/www
2.Web Server port: 8080
3.Access phpMyAdmin via the same port: 8080
4.MySQL server port: 3306
5.Localhost on Android devices:

1.You can access the web servers root from any device internal web browser using this url -
2.You can also access phpMyAdmin from any device internal web browser using this url -

Check this link to download it now.

Happy Web Developing! ;)

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