Biyaheng Nueva Ecija: The Mobile App

Introducing the very first travel and lifestyle android mobile application in Nueva Ecija!
Biyaheng Nueva Ecija: The Mobile App

Biyaheng Nueva Ecija (also known as BNE) is a Filipino travel and lifestyle platform dedicated to promoting the hidden beauty and paradise of the province of Nueva Ecija. They cover different topics like food, travel & adventure, celebrations, news and other events related to Nueva Ecija.

It is now the fastest growing online portal in Nueva Ecija!

With the Biyaheng Nueva Ecija: The Mobile App, you can now enjoy the following features:
  • HIKE & ADVENTURE - unleash the adventurous side of you with various trekking sites and mountains!
  • FUN FESTIVALS - with over a hundred festivals, experience our unique way of celebration and thanksgiving.
  • YUMMY TREATS - satisfy your cravings with a wide range of food and delicacies to choose from!
  • MANY MORE - explore undiscovered places, connect with authorities, get access to exclusive promos and many more!
Biyaheng Nueva Ecija: The Mobile App, your ultimate guide to Never-Ending possibilities!

Biyaheng Nueva Ecija: The Mobile App is available now for download in Google Play Store. You may download using the link -

You can also contribute or advertise your own product by sending information to improve the mobile app using the contact details below:

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